Hi, I’m Ben.

Hi, my name is Benedikt Lehnert and I’m the Chief Design Officer for Wunderlist at Microsoft. We help people get stuff done. I believe in design-driven companies and strive to make technology more human.

I wrote and self-published Typoguide—A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventures—The book fortunately sold out 2,500 copies over two editions, but you can check out the website.

I advise and invest in startup teams, but only if they have at least a designer co-founder. If you think I can provide any value to your product and company, please get in touch and let’s talk.

I love handmade things, the sound of water, the smell of fabric softener and photography in black and white. I am also running an infrequently updated small site called #DesignerRelationships with my wife and partner in crime Cat Noone.

Follow me on Twitter, drop me a line or let’s meet for a coffee.

This site even has a legal notice.